its new, its new!

hey look out @ my new blog skin! its new, its new!

apparently, blogger introduced its newest feature: template editor! woooohhooooooo! ive seen the editor tab, but ive never pay attention to it. i thought it was some kind of html editing. yuck. i hate html editing (coz i dont know how to process them hehe). but tonight i got so bored about my pink blog skin (not my boyfriend-image). so i decided to search for new blog skin. first i went to yummy lolly where i found most of my previous cute blog skin. but again, its getting booooring and requires html editing. plus, theyre ruined when i tried to change the background into my boyfriend's face hehehe.

soooooooo, i started to look for another way. the template editor. i took a look. AND I FOUND IT SO HOT! yeahh! blogger provides cool images for backgrounds. its a kinda hard to decide, but then i found this ultimate-cutie-and-oh-so-me image: JELLY BEANS!!!!!!!!! ahuahauhauhahahahahahha cool! cool! cool! see this:

isnt it cool?
so i thought jelly beans is the fittest background for me. for now. yeahhh! i love my new blog skin. so, try it on and enjoy my new one! *kiss kiss


Mutia said...

nggi ini di mana ya template editornya?gw ga nemu..

si gya gya bego said...

pas di dashboard, kan ada list blog yg lo punya. trs ada 'design'. nah dsitu baru ada 'template designer' gtu mu..tdnya gw sempet bingung jg kok ilang. tp tnyata dsitu ada heheh