specially for Jakarta citizens

Dear Jakarta citizens,

please stop making babies and giving births for at least 3 months. please, please, please. I really mean it. especially for those in southern region. please stop for a while. so that my boyfriend will have his life back. my boyfriend is the one whos responsible for documenting and releasing your babies' birth certificates and now he's already had a ton of them to finish. just imagine, a single document needs at least 10 minutes to finish. then how could he finished them on time if there were already 3000 documents waiting on the line while he worked the 50 of them? d'ya understand what i mean? he could only finish approximately 150 documents a day. in weekends. thats the approx amount. he couldnt do more. or he will faint. and its on weekend. on weekdays? approximately 50. its already counted as extra working hours. and when he finished the 150 ones, a new line has waiting for him. like 200 or more. this line is not going to be finished unless you, yes, YOU, jakarta citizens, STOP MAKING BABIES AND GIVING BIRTHS at least until he finished those 3000 or something documents.

besides the shitty birth certificate things, he is also responsible in many things. he had to monitor each health centers in the regions, filing, and other stuffs i dont really understand.

please, please, please. my boyfriend has already lost his life, his social life, and for god's sake, his relationship life. not to mention his sexual life. haha. everyday is working days. and he already work his ass off! get him back his life please! on weekdays, he works that certificate, jumping from one to another health centers, and works the certificate again, and again, and again. and on weekends? saturday nights? WE SPEND OUR SATURDAY NIGHTS IN HIS OFFICE, WORKING OUT THOSE DOCUMENT LINE FOR 10 EFFING HOURS! can u believe that? not to mention days when he felt the needs to work it out again on sunday.

so please. let him finish his current works and breathe for a second. then you may go making babies again. for god's sake, we have our wedding to plan. and stretching working hours doesnt sound nice to me. please please please. i ask u all for your understanding.

yours truly,
the victim of those neverending document line,