im still alive

uh hello blog. im sorry for the lack of posting there. actually there were soo many things happened in past 2 weeks (or more i supposed?). i became a quiet busy doing unexplainable thingies.

guess what happened?
1. im getting closer to my engagement day. the peningset stuffs are almost complete. still waiting for the bag and jarik from tiara,and cosmetics to complete (lip products and NAIL product. yes, NAIL. I CAN HAVE NAIL POLISH FOR MY P STUFFS! yesss! all hail earth!)

2. my boyfriend has finally purchased the gold. yeah yeah yeah after weeks of mouth fighting about this little shiny square, we decided to dump antam and go find ordinary chinese gold seller (hey, you will get better price from chinese seller). we did a couple of researches about the market price, and we hit the square last week. such amazing price, and im happy with the result. and im relieved. one down, 3 more to go.

3. finally i got a chance to visit teraskota. i heard much rave about this place, the atmosphere and the outdoor dining. sounds really great. but my boyfriend always refuse my wish to go there. and finally, last saturday when we had nothing to do, he asked me one beautiful question: "how about bsd? is there any good place to hangout?" oh baby, you dont know how much i love you for this heavenly question. i wanted to make sure first about the rave i heard, so i asked kiki about hangout place in bsd. and yes, she answered me good. teraskota, is just great. by the time we touchdown teraskota, i fell in love with it. i love the atmosphere. and it wasnt a crowded saturday night. unlike my beloved pim. i hate pim on saturday night. and teraskota has blitz megaplex inside. we watched driveangry, after my boyfriend got bored of walking. quiet good.

4. i went to my elementary school-friend wedding with ratih & orry. my first friend's wedding here. oh its good to be dressed up. i love dressing up hehe. they picked me up @ 7 and we got trapped in traffic jam and hit the place @ 8.30. hungry, hungry, hungry. the place wasnt big, but its well decorated. they're running out of food but we still got the sushi. hmmmmmm what's better then sushi groove-endorsed wedding? i want one...........

5. my house's renovation is almost done. i love my new bathroom and painted walls. hehe. its on peach color scheme. but still good. blame the different paint-picker. we picked almost the same shade for every room. my mom didnt hear me sound. i would pick better colors if i were appointed to. huh.

6. i got dizzy choosing the shade for my nail polish. help me pick one! i want red, since its the best shade on my hands. but my mom wants paler shade to do french manicure. she loves my french manicure. she thinks that its more elegant to wear than red. huhuuuuu im dizzy. here's the colors:


the show must go on
an affair in red square
royal rajah ruby

ali's big break

suzi and the lifeguard

hawaiian orchid

malaysian mist

pink a doodle

which oneeeeeee?????????? *dizzy

update: finally i got the hawaiian orchid one. just because of the shimmers in it. i already got one creamy plain pale pink polish in my stash.


Mutia said...

ih gw suka yg malaysian mist!

*omg, it's like a dream that you will get married soon!

GYA said...

iyaaaa bagus ya malaysian mist. tp gw jga dilemma sm hawaiian orchid. huhuuuu tukang dilema. skrg msh mikir mau pink apa merah.

*a muchiii kamu juga bntr lagi married gyahahahahaha

Mutia said...

hahha.. amin aja semoga emg bener jadi sebentar lagi.. amiiiiin :)

Brian said...


I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?