my baby has comeeee!!!!!!

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!! finally she arrives!
today i pick her up @ my mom's friend's hotel. she arrived yesterday and i have to pick her up because my mom's friend cant drop her. uwooow she's so cutie cutie!

ahhhh super cute!
actually she's too cute for me, but nevermind.
u yeeeee, and the freaking thing is that she's a cybershot. i knew it, i knew it, i knew it since the first time i saw a cybershot, one day i will have one! it costs me a lot of patience, but now its paid off.

actually, this isnt the one i want. i requested a w320, but apparently my mom thought that w320 is not good enough. she thought that w350 will suit me better. what can i say, its obvious, this one is muccchhhhhh expensive than the previous. ahahaha but thank god, this is 'the one'.

see? its w320 i requested. the color is much more vibrant. but apparently my w350 has higher image quality than this one. hmm in my words, i call it REJEKI GUE! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh the lord loves me much. this is my graduation present. and finally i cud live my dream: holding my very own cybershot on graduation day! haha. cheezy right? but thats what happened, its my dream. oh thankyou gooooodddddd, I AM SO GLAD! XXXX


tiara said...

och och, kece bangeeeetttt..
ah ntar dikawinin ama lumo aja giu, kan lumo cowok, hihihihi..

si gya gya bego said...

huahahahah iyaaaaa. mari kawinkan mereka. lumayan kalo bsa menghasilkan satu digicam lagi. huoooo aku senang tituu

Mutia said...

wuohh. akhirnya!! walaupun ga merah ya nggi ;)

si gya gya bego said...

iyaaa soalnya cybershot skrg ga ngeluarin merah! banyakan pink deeeh. ada sih yang merah, tapi gw ga suka tipenya, yang pake lens closure gtu, rawan rusak.