i have the best boyfriend on earth

the title says so, finally, a positive post from me. this is like the most beautiful thing that happened to me ever. yes, i have the best boyfriend on earth. ive never imagined enough but he walked into my life when i least expected. and he changed my life, totally. how wonderful life is.

he may not the best-looking guy, but he has the best smile. especially when he gives it to me. 
he may not the richest, but he's the most generous one. 
he may not the smartest, but he's smart enough to solve problems, and he knows how to deal with me.
he may not the most romantic one, but he always has his own way to surprise me with tons of affections.
he may not show up everyday, but he always spare his time for me.
we may not meet regularly, but we always have quality times.
he may be busy, but he calls me everyday even just to make sure that im alright.
he may not the perfect human, but he's perfect for me.

im really grateful for him. i lost my words when facing him. totally wordless. he knows exactly how to treat me. i am so proud of him, being the fastest learner in relationship. he was annoying and not sensitive. but as soon as i correct him, he changed. i love him even more. =)

sooo, a couple days ago, he texted me said that he skipped work for bogor. he had to process his ID card. apparently, when he moved to his house, he didnt move his ID. and at like 2 pm he texted me again asking whether i was home or not. fortunately, the girls' gathering were canceled. oh thank god, next he said that he's on his way to my house. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh i was so happy to have him. we havent met for a week. huhuuuu i was glad glad glad. i prepared myself then,heheh. i had to look good!

about an hour later, he arrived, and guess what, he brought me these!!!!!!!!! macaroni panggang. ouououououououououoooooooo ive been wanting this like hell. ive been asking to go to bogor just to eat this. and finally he brought that with him. uhuhuhuhu. yummeh! so we ate the first and save the second for mom. how sweeeeeeeeeet. oh and he said that the thought of visiting me popped up suddenly. he knew that i was home alone and i shud be lonely. better if he gave me company while he could. uhuhuhuhuuuu i felt like kissing him million gazzillion times!

hah we enjoyed the macaroni so much. and then he asked me to learn how to make it so he could ate it whenever he wanted to. yeaaaaah. theeen i asked my auntie to teach me. the next day, i attempted to make one. and heres the result. oh this one was before baking. and i ran out of cheese so i couldnt put much cheese on the top. and finally he tried my macaroni  (on new year's eve) and he liked it! uhuhuhuhuhu okey baby, ill make a lot of them for you. u have my words! :*

and this is how we spent our new year's eve. he texted me in the afternoon saying that The Tourist was playing on Gandaria City. i told him i have to watch the tourist as soon as it entered the cinema. the tourist have angelina jolie and johnny depp, so i thought that this movie shud be good. oh and i told him also, that i want to try gandaria city. hehehe silly i know, because cinemas are the same. its dark, its cold, and it has total big screen plus great sounds. but i dont know why i have to try every cinema around my territory.

soooooooooo we made it, we made it. after a walk with my auntie (she stayed at my house a day before nye), he picked me up to buy kurma for my mom, and off to gandaria city. before watching the tourist, we walked around to search for his nephew's birthday present. we found nothing so we planned on moving to citos after movie.

the tourist was quiet good. but we expected it to be a total action movie, like salt or tomb rider, typical angelina's movie. but it turned out to be half-comedy. actually the story's okay. but i was a bit disappointed about the genre. huhuuu. angelina as drop dead gorgeous though.

we did moving to citos after movie. we expected citos to open up until dawn since its nye. we could search for the present there. citos was extra crowded and apparently they did have nye party. hmmmm. oh they had sexy dancers in the atrium loh. ckckckckck dumb ass, children are watching! ckckckck. i got sick of watching those secy dancers, so we decided to move to the dept store.

and we got insane inside the dept store.
mwahahahahahah they got one-night-sale, for godssake! everything was at least 20% off that night. and his inner shopaholic finally arises that night. we got the present for his nephew (the cute little bart-simpson shirt and jumper), and also a polo shirt and a tshirt for him. both are stripes. oooooooookayyyy. i have shopaholic boyfriend. and he almost got another tshirt and a pair of airwalk shoes (SHOES, for godssake. really impulsive. he's a major shoe-fetish just like i do) if i didnt pinch his arm and drag him out of that section. he spent too much. i counted, almost a million in a night. ckckckckck. so i better drag him to women's section so he wont buy anything more. and its my turn, i got a new pair of jeans there. oh one thing made me laugh, he wanted to join me inside the changing room. thankgod the changing room was big enough. and he pinched my ass when i pulled my jeans down. hhhh guys.

dyou know what we did next? while everyone was counting down the time to new year, we ate burgers and fries and drinking rootbeer @ A&W. huahahahahaha. when we heard everybody shouting happy new year, we kept eating our meals. but finally i said "happy new year, dear." and he replied me, just "uh-huh. you too, dear." absurd. ahahahahahaha.

after, i got sleepy so we decided to come home. we talked a bit and go to bed @ 3. he didnt want me to go, but we will have babies 9 months later if i stayed at his room hahahahah. its haaaard, but i decided to left for my bedroom. and he stayed until 12 noon. we had much talks while sitting in the front yard. aaaaaaah what a new year.

finished. this is the first time i have new year moment with him. last year we were separated, and two years ago he left me for ujung genteng. he promised next newyear after our marriage, he will get me to ujung genteng. okay, i keep your words babyyy. u im so glad to have him for this long....and i really cant wait to marry him, to have him as a whole! hehehehehe.

here's the last pic of him. he was still in his batik shirt after work. huhuhuhuhuh. I LOVE YOU, DEAREST!

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