i envy you

those words are dancing in my head now.
i envy you.
how couldnt i?

ur life seems so simple. opportunities come and go. all u need is deciding.
u seem so blessed. with all the skills, natures, habits, characteristics, and motivations. every single elements needed to become a great n powerful one.

ure warm. ure caring. ure smart. ure modest. ure faithful. ure loyal. ure a hardworker. ure not demanding. ure accepting. ure intelligent. ure sweet. ure friendly. ure honest. ure sensitive. ure strong. ure powerful. ure assertive. ure innocent.
ure everything.
simply u are who u are.
and ure nearly perfect.

u hav ur perfect family. simple, happy, modest, close, caring, warm family.
u hav ur perfect friends. loyal, sweet, accepting friends.
and u hav ur perfect academic records.

i know its u, hardworker. i know u know ur goals n u tried so hard to pursue them. i know u know what u want, u live life the way u want, and put aside all the devils.

all the opportunities come and go, as a result, as a gift, as a reward for all uve done. for everything uve sacrificed.

and when it finally comes to you,
i know you deserve it

u deserve the best, my friend.
eventhough i envy you, you will always have my support.
keep ur spirit on, my friend.
dont let angels pass u by.
opportunities wont come twice.

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