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sooooo yesterday i met tiara. i missssss her so much. we used to hang out almost everyday, do stupid and unnecessary things together as well as my other girls @ jokja. and being separated is not eaaaasssyyyyyy. trust me, its hard. life seems different without them. huuhuuu.but now tiara's already here! sadly, she's in kelapa gading for work. aaarrggghh too far. and her current job gets her long working hours and random holiday. yes random holiday. its one holiday on weekdays and another one on weekend. darn. and that makes it even harder to meet her.

we met at blokm area. she said that she wanted to have such nostalgic moment around blokm (near her former highschool). yeah yeah hahaha. i agreed coz im the so-called centeng blokm. ahahahahahah. its my area. after that horrible medical checkup, i headed straight to blokm. tiara has arrived already while i was still queuing for physical examination. and soon we had lunch @blokm square.

and this is the fun part. after lunch, we wanted to have some dessert. and tiara vote for SINGAPOREAN ICE. bahahahahah nice name huh? and its so delicious i wanna live in singapore! ups, that reminds me of something. haha. and this is what it looked like:

tiara and the mango-strawberry singaporean ice
this ice cream (was this one really an ice cream? i dont know) tasted realllyyyyy goooooooooooooooddddddddd. seriously. this one is the best! this baby tasted so much like what its promised. it tasted really strawberry and mango! it had the mango ice on the bottom (the yellow one), and strawberry ice on top (the pink one) and splashed with strawberry and mango syrup PLUS real strawberry and mango. bonus: huge strawberry on top! tasted amazing. so soft, delicate, almost creamy taste. and it didnt melt. i swear. oh my god i start to drool. and not to mention, it is HUGE. seriously. huge. and the one i ordered was the regular size. i cant imagine the large sized one.

we had a lotta talk while munching. tiara had such awesome gossips i missed (she always had). i was so happy to meet her. and she handed me the jarik i ordered for my peningset. huhu. love love love.

we finished the day by walking around and trying to find bedak cempaka for ibu inem! hahahahaha and bedak cempaka iz already discontinued hahahahaah. then i companied tiara to buy some loose powder for herself. horaaaaaay finally my plain tiara transformed a bit hahahaha *peace ti*. and then we met mas heru. he picked up tiara there. we had a bit chat, the we separated way home.

and i forgot to get my mom's medicine.

but overall, im happy!

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tiara danarianti said...

lo ga crita bagian om2 gendeng? hahahaha