the good news

sooooo finally i have some good news to share here.

1. after waiting for freaking 8 days, the good news came. i was called by that company. hehe i have passed all the assessment thingies and i was freakin healthy to work (ofcourse, dumbass!). so i have to submit all remaining documents and they will call me back on friday to tell me the details about my first day. hooraaaaahhh! i knew it. theres no such things as rejected just because i skipped the ass & vagina examinations. hell no. for your information, dear beloved company, i am a virgin. and i dont want to have your ky jelly and your doctor's big fat index+middle finger inside my ass. so sorry. better choose another sucker.

so, Monday will be my first day. after all ive been thru, finally the day will come. hurrah. but im a bit scared, i wish i could make it until next year. amen.

2. ratih's mom adopted a baby sister for her! horaaaaaaa! and she's damn cute! her name is Sameera Zahwa Alkhalifah and she rocks. hahaahaha. she's getting fatter everyday and she's totally fashionable. haha. last monday we shopped for her a lot. from body suits to tanktops. from blankets to bottles. from wall stickers to hair lotions, and so on. baby things are irresistably cute! but i almost fainted when i heard the price. insane. theyre just expensive! hhhhh. jeez i couldnt imagine all the expenses when i had a child years from now.

u yeah, and these are some unforgivable cuteness for you guys.

introducing Sameera!

with her huge headband! her sister is just insane haha

aaaargghh she's smiling!

EXTRA KUTE right???

aaahhh im so happy for her. i cant wait to see her grow. and......i kinda want one. BAHAHAHAHA. like i can have one. and here's when ratih handed me sameera

oh please excuse my big panda eyes. i was tooo sleepy. i just woke up when she forced me to smile @ the camera. jeez how tired looking. awful. extra awful. eeeek!

3. i had a great time yesterday with Kiki. i went to her house and she kept me company while i was registering for my taxation number (i dont know if its the right translation of npwp. but who cares anyway?). we were driven crazy for the damned 3 hours of waiting. shitty. i got the number 308, while its still 146 when we arrived. insane. but we had a great time afterward. we had late lunch @ mcd and we ate like crazy. i was so full i couldnt walk. and kiki needed a new dress so we went looking for one after lunch. hurrahhh! i love looking for new dresses!

****aaaargggghhhh these mosquitos drive me crazy!!!!!! couldnt you just find another flesh to bite?????****

here's our changing room experience bahahahah

i love her new dress. and blazer. they fit really well.

what else ya?

hmmm actually im suffering right now. im broke. this document completion thing makes it worse. i had no money left in my wallet. i even owe some money to some people. my godness. i should make LOTS of money after this. hhh and i hope i got some other good news to share later. i will be there if i had any. c ya real soon.


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