soooooo now everyone seems to get follow ups and i dont. I DONT. I DONT. I DONT. I DONT. I DONT. I DONT. I DONT. I DONT. (YET). one has an appointment to do hrd interview on monday. and the other has a very quick process of doing fgd and hrd interview in the same day. IN THE SAME DAY. IN THE SAME DAY. IN THE SAME DAY. IN THE SAME DAY, EVERYONE!

what? are u questioning why i kept mourning my life in a blog post for the only-god-counts times? because i have needs and they arent fulfilled until now and the only thing i have for mourning my life is my blog, which is getting boring and making me sick everytime i want to write down something on it but all that crossed my mind was always a not-so-good stories. now i dont even know whats the connection of writing this shit, and my blog, and my mourning time, and my life, and my luck, and my entire world. i just need someplace to blabber all of this shit outta my head.

im sick. im sick. im sick. im sick. im sick. i am so sick. i have all of these things going on inside my head and nothing seems to have even a little help to solve these all. argh. again, i mourn my life. *and now the only person i really need to talk to is going to watch football match. what a move.* *and my laptop keyboards a bit sucks*

getting  a follow up ( i think) will be my first move in solving all these things. if i got that effing job, first, i didnt need to stay at home everyday, watching my laptop and getting dizzy after hours, and i will have my own money to splurge, and to be given, and at first row, to finish what ive started. im just sick of having an unsure situation like this. how could i finish this plan if i still jobless like this? hah? somebody answer me please.
argh and planning this thing is also a big brain-taker. exhausting.

aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhh i dont know what to say anymore!


tiara said...

yang sabar ya giaaaa..
kalo udah berusaha pasti nanti terbayar kok..
big support from here!!

Mutia said...

sabar gia sayaaaanng

dapet kok dapet pasti
smoga pas gw di jakarta nanti, lo udah dapet ya nggi!

si gya gya bego said...